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UCD Innovation Academy


We live in a time of rapid and complex social, economic and political change. UCD Innovation Academy believes that to solve humanity’s greatest challenges people need to work together across all disciplines and to look at the world differently.

As the world is changing at an unparalleled rate, many UCD Innovation Academy students will go on to work in jobs that don’t yet exist. As educators, they feel a responsibility to develop graduates with an entrepreneurial mindset and the resilience to adapt.

In 2010, UCD became one of the first universities to offer experiential learning. Since then, thousands of students have discovered new ways of looking at the world.

UCD Innovation Academy designs learning experiences in partnership with industry leaders, to give their students the key skills they need:

Entrepreneurial Mindset
Critical Thinking

At Ebow, we are delighted to be part of helping them on their journey to recruit new students to the academy.

You can learn more about UCD Innovation Academy here.

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