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Sharon Murray & Junior Achievement Ireland


Junior Achievement Ireland (JAI) is a member of one of the world’s largest educational non-profits, helping prepare young people for their futures by delivering hands-on, experiential learning in entrepreneurship, employability and the value of STEM.

Supported by Dublin City Architects and the Centre for Excellence in Universal Design (CEUD), JAI are currently delivering a Power of Design programme highlighting to students the importance of design in day to day life and the career opportunities in this field. The Power of Design also introduces primary and secondary school students to the use of design as a tool for positive change.

A programme like Power of Design opens up the world of work to young minds – just at the age where they are beginning to develop their aspirations and ambitions. Not only does it educate students about the power of design in the world around them, it helps to break down gender stereotypes and preconceptions, it actively demonstrates to students that they can be the leaders of tomorrow.

We wholeheartedly look forward to continuing to support this programme in 2022.

If you’d like to know more, please get in touch. To volunteer, please contact: Ann Butler, Director of Development, Junior Achievement Ireland 01 2930210


Sharon Murray Ebow
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