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The ‘Get Stuff Done’ Podcast


Ebow’s David Douglas on the ‘Get Stuff Done’ podcast hosted by Fintan Gavigan and Aidan Sheeran.

The topics range from our work with the HSE, J.P. Morgan and Kerrygold right through to Bruce Springsteen’s Letter From Home.

From the Collaborative.ie website:

David Douglas is the founder and Managing Director at EBOW, the Digital Agency in Dublin.  On this episode of Get Stuff Done, Dave tells us of the work he has done with his team in EBOW over the last 21 years. From the early days when they brought Budget Travel online to 2020 and working for the HSE on the COVID social media campaign.  Along the way, there have been art exhibitions and now even Christmas Tree deliveries.  Enjoy the listen.

Running time 9’36”

Check out Collaborative.ie here.

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